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  • Coconut Shell Tea Cup | Handmade – Set of 2

    This coconut shell teacup can be used to serve tea and other beverages. A nice soothing earthy aroma of the shell can be experienced all time. Gift yourself and friends the goodness of nature and natural health. These attractive cups bring the beauty of simplicity to the home!! The coconut shell is for making handicrafts. We present a collection of beautifully hand-crafted coconut shell products made by a family of artisans in South India. Once the coconut kernels are removed, the shells are cleaned thoroughly and then through a series of natural processes of hand grinding, grooving, cutting, finishing and polishing the final product is arrived. It is to be noted that No chemicals or any other coating is given to the products and the final finish are obtained through a series of hand grinding processes only.

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  • Coconut Shell Bowl | Reclaimed | Handmade

    Coconut Shell Bowl made from reclaimed king coconuts from the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, these bowls are the new “in thing” in today’s culinary world. Easy to wash and maintain these long-lasting coconut bowls give your kitchen the tropical Eco – Friendly look you have been looking for. Beautiful all natural serving bowls for breakfast and smoothies, you can also use it for salad, cereal and even ice cream. If you have friends or family visiting, you can use these for dips and snacks. These are lightweight so you can easily take these when going camping. The coconut shell bowl has a smooth exterior like a traditional wooden bowl. These bowls have been polished with virgin coconut oil. These coconut shell bowls are hand made from real coconuts grown in India. Each coconut hand processed with care. The steps involve cutting, cleaning and polishing with virgin coconut oil. The process from coconut to coconut bowl is natural and chemical less. Our coconut bowls are great for serving all foods, especially for little ones.

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  • Coconut Coir Dish Washing Scrub Pad – Pack of 3

    Scrub Pad made from 100% coconut fibres bound together with a non-toxic adhesive. Breathable design means no Odors, 100 % Bio-degradable and an Eco-friendly product. METAL AND SOAP FREE! Made without metals, this product will not rust. They have no soap added and do not require chemicals for use. Perfect for when you want to control which detergents and soaps to use, and how much. Great for daily kitchen use and all-around household cleaning. SCRUB FLOORS AND WALLS! These scouring pads can be used to clean and remove scuff marks from stairs, floors, and walls. (A small area should be tested before use to ensure no scratching occurs.) RESTAURANTS, HOME KITCHENS, AND MORE! This product is ideal for use in any kitchen. Perfect for buying in bulk to use at home, or purchasing for use at restaurants, and other commercial kitchen settings.

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  • Wooden Beard Comb – Style Your Beard

    Wooden beard comb cleans, untangles, massages, and styles your hair! Using cosmetic products on your hair such as shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, etc. can damage the hair over time. These products contain many chemicals. To combat damage and keep styling your luscious locks, use Ecoterri’s specially crafted neem beard comb to style and protect your beard! The wooden beard comb set perfectly helps you keep all your beard phases well-groomed. Be it a medium stubble, a short boxed or a long beard. Natural wood, hand-made comb set made out of treated shisham. Use it daily to gently massage the scalp. Regular combing helps to prevent dandruff and itchiness in the beard. The beard combs provide a regular exercise to the beard hair and keep it healthy and strong. We being an Eco-Friendly company, are not cutting any trees for making the comb, it is made from naturally damaged neem tree only. We manufacture in an eco-sustainable factory focused on local livelihood and employment.

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  • Wooden Comb For Men And Women – Handcrafted of Neem

    A wooden comb is one of the healthiest ways of combing your hair. The wooden teeth have rounded tips which have a gentle massaging effect on your scalp. This massaging effect stimulates natural oils in your hair cuticles and create natural volume and lustre. The wooden combs reduce hair breakage when you run it through your hair. Neem has anti-bacterial properties, hence it removes dandruff and itchy scalp problems. Neem is known as the medicinal plant for its immense health benefits. Regular combing with these combs inhibits dandruff as well as scalp infections. This comb sustains hair health, reduces hair fall & removes dandruff. Made up of 100% Herbal Neem Wood. We being an Eco-Friendly company, are not cutting any trees for making the comb, it is made from naturally damaged neem tree only. We manufacture in an eco-sustainable factory focused on local livelihood and employment.

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  • Bamboo Toothbrush – Brighten Your Every Smile

    Ecoterri’s bamboo toothbrush is the best gift for your teeth. It’s the BEST toothbrush one could own, quite literally. B- Biodegradable, E- Eco-friendly, S- Sustainable and T- Toxin-free⠀The biodegradable nylon 4 soft bristles clean your teeth effectively while ensuring the good health of your gums. chemical-free to ensure safe usage. The handle is handcrafted out of bamboo, and its smooth edges offer a comfortable grip, splinter-free and waterproof. The bristles are on the softer side and do not leave paste residue inside your mouth along with other chemicals. 100% Biodegradable, these brushes, recommended by dentists are ideal not just for your teeth but for the environment as well. Roses are red, violets are blue the future of our planet depends on you! Switching to an eco-friendly toothbrush is a simple way to reduce the use of plastics at home.

    • Natural antibacterial Biodegradable bamboo handle with ergonomic design, and nylon 4 bristles, easy to use.
    • Strong cleansing ability, discolouration caused by coffee, tea, red wine and cigarette smoke can be removed effectively and teeth can brighten up.
    • No pollution, the environmental toothbrush can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill.
    • Performs an important part of maintaining healthy gums for oral care. The extra soft bristles protect your gums from bleeding or scratching so you can brush easily and safely, which makes it perfect for sensitive gums.
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  • Reusable Bamboo Straw – Pack of 4

    Bamboo Straws are an amazing alternative to plastic and paper straws, made from recycled bamboo, they are 100 % man-made, reusable, easy to wash and use and they give the rustic eco-friendly look we all wish to show. Plastic straws are a global nightmare, we manufacture a billion of them, Replace with Bamboo Straw and Go Eco friendly.

    • Bamboo Straws are biodegradable i.e they come from the Earth and go back without causing harm.
    • They’re made from leftover bamboo, no trees are cut to make the straws.
    • Carrying your straws decreases the possibility of contact with germs and makes you look cool.
    • These reusable straws come are not just durable, they’re non-toxic for both the small scale workers who make them and the people who use them.
    • Attractive handmade pouch free with each set of straws.
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  • Stainless Steel Straw | Your Last Straw – Pack of 3

    Drink, wash, and repeat. Stainless Steel straw is a great reusable way to use straws. High-Quality Stainless Steels straws last for a long time. are easy to clean and look great. They are the “In Straw” of the day.
    Steel Straws can be used forever and do not rust or degrade over time. Steel drinking straws are eco-friendly alternatives that are more aesthetic than plastic ones. The shiny and smooth finish is perfect for those environment-conscious individuals who would compromise aesthetics for no one.


    • Non-carcinogenic, Environment Friendly, Safe to use
    • Aesthetic Design created for maximum comfort and usage
    • Buy one set and use it forever, no rust, no damage at all.
    • Carry Your Own straws to stay hygienic and COVID free
    • Reduce your carbon footprint with every drink you buy.
    • Attractive Free Cotton Carry around bag with each set.


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